Liam’s 2021 marathon


Welcome to the landing page for my 2021 marathon. use this page to get information regarding: dates, times, prizes, and much more.

Enter the giveaway

Use the links below to enter the giveaway. there are two separate contests. One is for the general prize draw. the second one is for the Crazy Party coins challenge. Please see each contest page for rules and more information.

Tune In

There are a couple ways to catch my live Streams, they are outlined below.


The primary method for tuning in is YouTube. YouTube also has built-in chat making it really easy to interact with me and other viewers.

audio Stream

If you have limited bandwidth or otherwise do not want to use YouTube, you can use the audio stream. use the player below or click here to li Please use the audio stream as a last resort as it takes away from YouTube views.

What is it?

Starting in 2018, I have been running yearly marathons to help offset the costs of streaming. My 2021 marathon promises to be one of the biggest ever. Taking place over two days, there will be hours upon hours of live streams. Grab some snacks and tune in.

When is it?

The marathon takes place September 25 and September 26 2021 starting at 9 AM Eastern/13:00 UTC on both days.

What is the current list of games?

the current list of games can be found below. Please note that games are subject to change, and that the list does not necessarily reflect what order games will be played in.


Your donations are always appreciated. You can donate via Streamlabs or you can superchat during a live stream. Please keep in mind that superchatting will take 30 percent of all donations where as streamlabs only takes basic payment processing fees.

All donations will be used to upgrade and maintain streaming and computer equipment. Donations will also be used to help ease the financial burden of next year’s planned move. your help is appreciated now more than ever.

What fun things are you doing for donations this year?

Like in past years, I will be gratefully accepting donations. Every $100 adds an extra hour to the marathon. the base time for the marathon begins at 12 hours, and every $100 will add an hour up to 24. note that hours will be split over two days. Streams will also be split in to parts to comply with YouTube’s archiving policies. Every $50 earned will cause a spin of the Wheel of Pain. You can read more about that below. donations and superchats before the start of the marathon will not count towards the marathon total but are always appreciated.

What is the Wheel of Pain?

Started in 2020, the Wheel of Pain originally served as a mechanism to decide which kinds of hot sauce I would be sampling. this year the wheel has grown to encompass a number of different options. The wheel runs from uncomfortable (having to partake in salted lickerish) to brutal (having to eat carolina reaper jelly beans), to unfair (having to play Adventure at c:\ if requirements are met).

Are there prizes and giveaways this year?

Yes. Viewers can enter to win a number of great prizes, and there will also be an in-stream contest involving estimation. The main prizes are listed below.

Crazy Party Guess the Coins Challenge:

During the marathon, viewers will have a chance to guess how many coins Liam can earn in two hours of Crazy Party gameplay. The viewer closest to the total without going over wins a fabulous prize pack containing: a copy of The Vale, Sketchbook your world, Perilous Marathon, Heartbeat: Regret, Blind Drive Slide, and Super Egg Hunt.


Thanks to the amazing sponsors that are making this marathon Extra special. You can read about them below.

A. T. Guys

A. T. Guys is your home for cool gadgets, accessories and more. Why not check out the Versa slate. It’s a magnetic rewritable slate. It’s perfect for note taking. A. t. Guys also carries phone accessories, training materials, bluetooth speakers and headphones , and much more.

Aprone’s Accessible Software and Games

Aprone has created a number of high-quality games including Castaways, Preludeamals, and a little game called Swamp. most games are free to play and span several genres.

Blindie Connect

A directory for Teamtalk servers, Discord servers, and websites. Use BC to find places for making new friends or meeting up with old ones.

IMS Productions

Makers of some cool pick up and play games including sketchbook(your world) and Perilous Marathon!

Lights Out Games

Up and coming creator of audio-based games, along with tools to improve the accessibility of the Godot game engine.

NS studios

NS studios Offers free and affordable programs, audio games, royalty-free music and sound libraries, and much more.

Thunderstep Gaming

Join Luceus and Shane, two blind guys with a passion for gaming as they play both audio and mainstream games. check out their upcoming hearthstone tournament where they’ll be raising money to help fund the development of the fantastic Hearthstone Access mod. also feel free to join their discord server to keep up to date on the tournament.

VG Storm

Creators of the Manamon series, The Gate, Psycho Strike, and more fantastic audio games.