Liam’s 2022 Marathon

The 2022 marathon is now complete. The grand total in donations was $2651.43. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated, tuned in, and to all the amazing sponsors who made this marathon the huge success it was. We broke several records, so let’s see if we can continue that trend next year.

Relive the Marathon

use the Youtube playlist below to relive over 30 hours of marathon content.

Prize Winners

Below you will find all of the prize winners for the 2022 marathon.

  • A. T. Guys gift certificate: Juan Gonzalez
  • Swamp prize pack: Anibal Hernandez, Carol the midget
  • Sketchbook Your world credit: bassem, Storm Productions
  • Parilous Marathon: Michael Lau
  • Blindie Connect website promotions: Ashley Coleman, I Can’t Pronounce That Name, joseph weakland
  • Maramon2: Goci Ristic
  • Scramble: Tew Hong Jun, Uros Djurdjevic
  • Kilta: Thanh, RYANLAM
  • Lost and Hound: Tammy Schulte, Nina V
  • Warsim: Abby, Tonio, Tim Kilgore
  • Blind Drive: Shaun Williams
  • Super Egg Hunt: Kevin Roberts, Frandi Galindo
  • Slide: Timothy John, Jerin Thomas, The Evil Chocolate Cookie
  • Evidence 111: Erik, Bhagyavanth Reddy, mahmmod hilal
  • Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story episode 1: DHT Studios

Games List

This is the list of games that were planned to be featured. this list is being kept for historical purposes.


I would like to personally thank all of the 2022 sponsors. You can read more about each one below. Click on a sponsor’s heading to visit their corresponding website.

A. T. Guys

A. T. Guys is your home for cool gadgets, accessories and more. Check out products like the Orbibt Writer, Versa Slate, BlindShell Classic, and many other great items. With lightning fast shipping and an easy to navigate website, you will find what you need and get it to your door in no time at all.

Aprone’s Accessible Software and Games

Aprone has created a number of high-quality games including Castaways, Preludeamals, and a little game called Swamp. most games are free to play and span several genres.

Blindie Connect

A directory for Teamtalk servers, Discord servers, and websites. Use BC to find places for making new friends or meeting up with old ones.

Daisy Ale Soundworks

Creators of the popular Lost and Hound game. Play as Biscuit the Corgi to solve crimes and save lives.

Huw Millward

Creator of Warsim: The Realm of Aslona.

IMS Productions

Makers of some cool pick up and play games including sketchbook(your world) and Perilous Marathon!


Makers of Audio Wizards and Kilta. Both are games with fantastic stories, music, and sound effects.

Steven D Games

Makers of the action-packed Scramble game Created by a programmer with pro grammar.

VG Storm

Creators of the Manamon series, The Gate, Psycho Strike, and more fantastic audio games.