Stardew Valley Guide

Welcome to a page with information on getting up and running with Stardew Valley. This is not an exhaustive guide. there are plenty of resources available, but I’ve tried to link to everything you’d need.

Stardew Valley

You will first need a copy of the game. The game is a retail game and can be purchased on several marketplaces. You can find the game on both Steam as well as GOG. Those with Microsoft’s Game Pass service have access to it as well.


You will then need to download SMAPI (The Stardew Modding API). On the SMAPI page, click download to download the SMAPI zip file. Extract it to a folder and then run the .bat file for windows. the program should guide you from there. Take note of where the installer tells you mods should be stored. also keep in mind that in order to run Stardew with mods, you will need to always run StardewModdingAPI.exe.

Stardew Access

In order to play the game, you will need Stardew Access. The Stardew Access page contains a lot of great information as well as links to other useful mods. I will also link to them on this page as a reference. Please consult the getting started and setup pages as they are way more detailed. Below are links to useful mods that I play with. Where possible I have directly linked to files. Mods that are hosted on Nexus mods require an account to be created before downloading. sorry about that.