The Great Wall of Patreon

These streams would not be possible without the support from my patrons. Below you’ll find all the patrons who have pledged in the $2.50 and $5.00 tiers. You too can get your name on the wall by becoming a patron

WanderingWavesDannie coombes
Shane DavidsonMichael Lau
Kyle SmithIvan Soto
Munawar BijaniJames Dean
Jim DenhamAnya Kristen
Michael MasloTrevor Johnson
Kevin LyonStephen Luttrell
Simon JaegerAustin Nix
Sarah HaakeJayson Smith
Luna RavenCattaleen Aphisara
Audio Game GeekHilary Duncan
Heather MesecherMelissa Roe,
Ashley ColemanBianca Samaniego
Kortnee Bartonbryant
Roland EngelsmaAbdulla Dubais
ChangelingChad Blanco
jack falejczyk