Checking out Lost in Blindness on May 21

Join me at 12 PM Eastern/16:00 UTC as I check out this immersive audio-only game.

From the developer.

Play as Alex, a young blind archeologist and follow the tracks left behind by the disappearance of the Mayan civilization! In this blind adventure game, discover an incredible 3D environment only by listening to the sounds around you, without using your eyes to see.

Explore a temple in the middle of the Amazonia and solve the puzzles that it hides. Thanks to a choice-based dialogue system, make your own decisions that will change the course of your story, to make it even more shocking!

And since adventure game should have it’s share of action and infiltration, watch your back… Because it seems that creatures and people don’t want you discovering the secrets protected by this temple!
But don’t worry, your friends are here to help you on your journey… at least… you think so…

Fellow Videomakers, thanks to our “Streamer Mode”, you can also share your experience with your audience, letting them see your actions and progression live while you are blindfolded!
Entertainment guaranteed!

Lost in Blindness is the promise of a game like you’ve never seen before!

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