Announcing Poptale Weekly, the destination for demonstrations of Interactive audio entertainment

IN partnership with Poptale and Sponsored by Wanderword, I will be producing a weekly livestream every Wednesday which will take you in to the world of interactive audio entertainment. We’ll be demonstrating entertainment by Wanderword as well as other featured products.

Look for new episodes every Wednesday evening at Poptale’s YouTube channel.
The first episode will feature Mathcaster from Wanderword.
POPTALE is on a mission to drive the Interactive Audio Entertainment Industry. We are obsessed with getting people to test this new form of entertainment that will empower active listeners to play and explore, to take control of the story, and do so in a hands free, heads up environment.
Wanderword develops and publishes interactive audio entertainment, for the global mobile and smart speaker market.
Our content, called Poptales, is all about interactive audio fun!
Our technology allows for hands-free, heads-up engagement and truly interactive entertainment. Whether you’re caught up in a mystery, mastering a game, or learning with educational content, the story is always yours and the journey and outcome depend on your choices. All you have to do is tell us where you want to go!

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