Playing Through the Vale Plus giving away a copy on August 30

After much anticipation, The vale from Falling Squirrel games has finally been released. On Monday August 30 at 11 AM Eastern, I will be playing through this epic adventure as well as giving one lucky viewer a copy of their very own.

As your elder brother takes his place on the throne… you are made warden of a small keep on the outskirts of the kingdom. Blind from birth and sheltered for much of your childhood, you welcome your exile as a chance for a little adventure.
En route to the borderlands, your caravan is attacked by the vanguard of a huge invading army sweeping eastward toward the capital. You escape but find yourself alone in hostile lands. With the aid of a local shepherd, you must survive the long, dark, dangerous valley that leads home…  A journey that will reveal startling truths about your land, your people and your own family.

The stream will start at 11 AM Eastern/16:00 UTC. one lucky YouTube viewer will be chosen to win a free copy of the Vale. for those who don’t use YouTube or for those who miss the stream, there will be another give-away later on during an upcoming marathon.

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